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Delays when Bringing a number from Vodafone

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Is anyone else experiencing delays when bringing a number over from Vodafone ? 
my transfer date was 4 days ago .  I can call out but cant recieve calls . The new number is not showing on the Smarty app . The new number is showing on my iphone . 
i have reported this on a daily basis on the app chat but they say there is a delay getting information from Vodafone ? 
its been 4 days now unable to receive calls . 


SMARTY Major Player
SMARTY Major Player

Alas, this seems to happen from time-to-time, @SteveMil_954597

Your port can't be completed properly unless Vodafone supply all the switching information required by SMARTY. The gaining provider is 100% responsible for getting the switch done on-time and correctly, but unfortunately there aren't any incentives, nor penalties, to encourage the losing provider (Vodafone) to comply. 

The switching process is regulated by OFCOM, but implemented across the industry via the UK Mobile Number Portability Operator Steering Group (‘MNP OSG’). 


Your best option may be to lodge an official complaint with SMARTY.

Hi, thank you for that .  I will give it a littke longer but i will indeed escalate to a complaint shortly.   Its frustrating to only be able to contact by app messenger .  Diverted to India  i believe.   Do you know the procedure for a complaint please ?

Alas, less malarkey, more SMARTY does not extend to having a UK based telephone support service. Indeed, SMARTY Mobile customer service centre is in India as you suspected.  

The SMARTY complaints procedure is detailed online, @SteveMil_954597

Start from


@SteveMil_954597 To be fair, once you start having a UK-based call centre, costs will rise and the price advantage may well disappear.