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2 Accounts but SMARTY have messed up as both is my name and number.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Received 2 sim cards, one for me and one for my wife. Both separate email address's. However SMARTY Put both under my name and number. Asked Customer Service team to change name and ne number, Next minute I got asked to ring them up, Why its their problem and needs t be sorted. I refused to ring them up.

I then get an  email asking for Data protection items ie marriage certificate ETC. why as all they need to do is change the name and provide a new number,.

Most of the staff have been brilliant but this particular one is unbelievable and more than than a jobs worth.

I have not even activated the cards as I want the changes carried out to ensure we are happy.

There has been at least 300 emails to and fro, just an item that can resoled quickly by SMARTY,




@SteveBeauceron If you are unhappy, then raise a complaint maybe.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer


I have given them ample opportunity to just change the name and number, simple. If you apply for an account you do not to supply them with data protection  stuff you just fill in the forms snd they send the sim cards.

This particular staff member is hard work.

I have therefore requested the official procedure document and head office Telephone Number.

an Official complaint will happen if the names not change. The person is aware of this but carries on regardless,


@SteveBeauceron  I doubt that you will get a H.O. phone number (everybody would be on it constantly!)

Not sure how they asked you to ring them up - that sounds very strange! Are you sure there is no scam here?

Complaints via main web page.

That's exactly what I thought. Hence no phone call from me and why ask for DATA protection information when they know it illegal.

On the case with Complaint via main web page.

Cheers mate. 

@SteveBeauceron Just to clarify.....if they were to call you and ask you to provide some personal info, then it is not illegal. On the contrary, it is all about ensuring that they are actually dealing with the right person and so not giving out info to an impersonator.

As an example, the bank may call me and then ask me to confirm just my year of birth and perhaps the first part of my postcode - that would seem fine to me.

Hi Steve,

1, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, can you please ask your wife to chat with us.



Hi Steve,

I'm afraid, we don't the option to change the until you provide us below document:

  1. Decree certificate
  2. Deed poll certificate
  3. Marriage certificate

Why ask the above when it is Data Protection.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

No they asked me ring them up.

They have all the information to hand including address's and landline and mobile numbers as we have not acticated them yet due to the problem, They also have our leperate emails as was required to form another account. 

@SteveBeauceron Under Data Protection legislation, the company would need to show good cause for changing a name to protect against identity theft. The evidence would be in the documents they have asked for.

It looks to me s if they think that one of you has changed your name.

SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

hey, contacting us directly would be the best option as i can not check your account on this platform here are all the ways you can get in touch 

Hi Rebekah

l all ready have and a waste of time. 

I have had to sent well over 200 emails and when somebody else takes over the same questions are asked.

I have got one now to confirm everything, sent 5 times so far. 

They  need to get their systems sorted and keep a file and get their act together with regards to formats of communication. This 2023 not 1903.

Not impressed so far.