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Hello! Introducing myself

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi everyone, I'm glad to be a part of this Community now - I thought I'd give a bit of an intro as a newbie. As per house rules no personal information will be disclosed! 🙂

In this community I am happy to be referred to as Andy, and my pronouns are He/They

My hobbies: Reading (especially Beano comics & books - now that has been my special interest since 2010!), swimming, meeting friends, streaming movies & tv shows. Hint on one of my favourite cartoons: Mmmm, donuts... 🍩 - I also like cooking / baking, a nice cupcake tastes better when it's homemade! I enjoy games including Nintendo Switch & Steam games. Mario games are great fun, and I like licensed games. Think titles like The Smurfs (Switch platformer ones)... some licensed games are hidden gems.

My pledge: All communities should be fun for everyone. I promise to abide by the house rules and never make anyone uncomfortable. If I unintentionally say or do anything out of line, please please please let me know so I can immediately stop and apologise.

Looking forward to helping each other out & having fun chats already! See you in other posts soon! 😀

N.B - I am autistic and get overwhelmed & burnout out a lot so I may not reply to messages as quick as others, even if my status is set to "Online". Please don't assume I am ignoring you - I promise this is absolutely not the case. Additionally, I hope I got the labels correct. I figured since the labels match my hobbies mentioned above, they would make sense. Happy to be corrected on how to use those if I got it wrong. It is my first post after all! 😁


SMARTY Community Manager SMARTY Community Manager
SMARTY Community Manager

Hello @AndyPandy, welcome to SMARTY Community 😁 


Hi @AndyPandy 👋 and welcome to the SMARTY community page 🤗
You had me at reading 📕 and baking/cupcakes 🍰🤤😍 (one I enjoy doing and the other I am an avid consumer 😂)
I hope you have a great experience on this site 👍
Happy Weekend!! x x