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What happens when 3G is switched off

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I live very rurally and can only get a Smarty (Three) 3G signal. There is no nearby 4G or 5G, despite what the coverage checker says.

Does anyone know what will happen when 3G is switched off? Will I be left with no service or are 3G masts being upgraded to 4G or 5G?

I have an iPhone 15, so upgrading the phone won't change anything and there is no other network nearby.

I have a horrible feeling I am going to be left with no mobile signal.

I would appreciate any advice or information.




SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

three will probably put a 4G transmitter on your local phone mast at the same time they remove the 3G transmitter

SMARTY Superhero
SMARTY Superhero

@JohnHow_2381616 As I understand it, the whole point of turning off the 3G signal is to allow masts 'space' to carry 4G and 5G signals.

In theory, you should find that your local mast has at least one of the latter before 3G is turned off. It would be worth keeping an eye on the Coverage Checker and also Network Status for your postcode.

SMARTY Commentator
SMARTY Commentator

A Shared rural network agreement between all 4 major networks with government support is in place. EE have already completed this agreement 6 months ahead.