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What does my network status report really mean?

SMARTY Trendsetter
SMARTY Trendsetter

Not so long ago, got an SMS from SMARTY about 'planned network improvements' at my postcode. 

Remembering this today, thought I'd check my location's network status, which was reported as:

There is, at times, heavy usage in this local area. As a result, you may experience varying data speeds depending on how many customers are connecting to our network via your closest mast. We’re always working to improve our network and aim to provide the best experience possible.

This report got me wondering how there can be heavy usage (at times) for my location's network cell, because my postcode covers 8 dwellings in a rural location, and the local cell tower is unlikely to cover more than 1000 dwelling tops.

Surely a few thousand concurrent cell users is within the capability of a network cell?

Metropolitan network cells must serve many thousands of concurrent connections. This report doesn't appear to make much sense, unless thousands and thousands of iD Mobile/SMARTY/Three UK customers have suddenly decided to camp in my area, and surf the Internet. 

What does this SMARTY network status report actually mean?





@Chalkychap  "Probably not much" is the answer.

I often think that companies/organisations figure that, if you write a few complex sentences, most people will be baffled / impressed and leave them alone.

Cynical? Moi?