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Swapping a mobile sim with a data only sim

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

 Hi, don't know if there is anyone out there in the community who can help me.

I have a SMARTY sim card which I use in my iPad, unfortunately I had ordered it before SMARTY offered data only deals and my iPad sim card deal is actually meant for a mobile phone, with unlimited data, text and calls at a special price of £16 per month (down from £20). Its worked well for me on my iPad, but the biggest downside of this is that when I receive a text message from SMARTY it attempts to send it to the phone number attached to the sim card, which will not work on my iPad!

I now want to swap my mobile THREE contract over to SMARTY as well, but I am in a quandary as to what contract to set up, as I'd like to correct the issue of my iPad working on a mobile phone sim, instead of a data only sim. A while back, a SMARTY advisor told me to order a data only sim card and to swap the mobile sim from my iPad into my actual mobile and use the new data only sim in my iPad. 
But the problem is that I also want to swap across my old mobile phone number as well! Will ordering a data only sim card and swapping the mobile sim from my ipad to my mobile work? And will I be able to swap out the mobile sim number for my previous mobile number, even though its been "used" in my iPad for a while? 

I know I could cancel my old mobile only sim and just start new contracts on both devices, but I don't want to lose the discounted monthly price I have on the mobile sim card. Any help appreciated.


@TraceyG_1416413  I'm hoping that I have understood you correctly.

Why not put the iPad sim in your phone and then get a PAC code from your old supplier so that you can move your number over to this sim (now in your phone). You can then order a new data only sim for the iPad if that is what you want.

Receiving text messages - not sure why you cannot get them on the iPad. I get them on my desktop iMac (and can respond) and can get them on the iPad if I wish.

(Take a look in Settings>Messages)