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Sim activated 5 days ago still cant ring out

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I have bought a very basic no thrills phone for my elderly mother, downloaded the sim which has been activated and is showing my account being current and counting down to the next month, but I cant ring out on it, I can receive calls but not outgoing calls, I have checked the service in both her area and my own and supposedly there are no issues.  Please can anyone help I really need to get her used to using a mobile before she looses her landline?


SMARTY Trendsetter
SMARTY Trendsetter


Perhaps this is causing your problem, @SharonH_2528793

So does this mean I will get a refund until the service is properly up and running, and how long is this service glitch likely to be, as her landline is dreadful and the service provider is not prepared to do anything about this as it will be phased out from next year.

Would I be better off cancelling and going to ID whom I am  with without any glitches?

@SharonH_2528793  It seems that not everyone is affected by the problem.

I think there have been problems identifying the exact cause - that means it's hard to give an exact time when it will be back to full service.

I guess there may be the potential for a refund of days without service - not sure how they will identify who it has affected.

Okay @SharonH_2528793, doubt you'll get a refund, but you could request a goodwill credit for the disruption by contacting SMARTY customer service. 

FYI, customers of iD Mobile have also been affected by this issue as evidenced by the many customers who've posted in the online iD Community.