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Shocking signal quality /we are in 2024

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I moved from Vodafone to smarty Last week and I'm seriously regretting it now as I also moved my phone over over to smarty as well,Vodafone signal was good 3-4 bar of 4g,but signal from smarty is non existence,I regularly get no signal what so ever and the most il usally see is 1 bar of 4g,when I tried a speed test I got 500kbps,yes you read it right,not even fast enough to open gmail,I do food delivery in my post code G450DR but even driving about it was on 1 bar 99%,sometime it would go to 2 bars 4g for a few minutes,I checked there coverage before moving over and it showed 4g signal is excellent in my area but thats not what I'm seeing,absolutely shocking signal quality in 2024,its not like I'm in the middle of know where,I'm only 3miles from Glasgow city center and there is phone masts a few streets away,support hasn't been very helpful,they keep saying there aware of congestion in my area and that it will be fixed,but it's  been a week now 


SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Hi my signal is the same wish I never swapped over

SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

So switch away. It's not like SMARTY are holding you hostage for two years! Every network will have area's where they have little to no coverage. Local councils don't allow all four networks to install masts at the same locations. It is what it is. 

So it’s really poor…I am planning to recommend it to other 4 members of my family…reading this kind of response and “motivation” change my mind…thanks for the poor signal information…got it…

1 it's not as easy as jst switching over,I jst bought a package from smarty I can't use,I've used zero data cause I'm not getting a signal ,I moved my phone number over from Vodafone so il need to move it again and we are in 2024,by all adverts these phone company's do were all under  the impression thing s have improved,I'm not getting any 4g signal most of the time and at most 1 bar of 4g

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Apr 2024 and still only 4G in 5G area

Using Samsung S23 ultra  

Plz fix Smarty for loyal customers 

@Salali71  Smarty are constrained by the 3 Network and so it is not easy for them to take major steps.

If a 'guaranteed' speed is very important to you, then it may be that you need to be using one of the major networks (Probably not 3 if the signal is poor in your area).