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samsung s10 plus 'not registered on network', no calls or internet.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

cannot use internet, make calls, 'emergency calls only' and 'not regitered on network'. samung s10 plus. can connect to internet via home router on wifi from phone. does not work inside or out, all the places it used to work, no network issues reported. Will make wifi calls via home router but not cell service. no internet for over 12 hours, no cellular even when out and good signal strength. Plan is unltd data and calls/txts.


SMARTY Trendsetter
SMARTY Trendsetter

Does the SMARTY SIM work in another device, @JamieSu_2072475

Is there an active plan linked to your SMARTY account? 

My reply seems to have vanished! can't try another device as don't have one. have an active data and voice plan. was working until last nite but not reliable. will now only get internet via home router and wifi, and make calls that way too, despite good cell signal.



Hi @JamieSu_2072475 👋
There seems to be something affecting SMARTY customers as I replied to another post with the EXACT same problem! ⬇️
I have the exact same problem as you (in Derby)!
Sometime between 17/04/24 (the last time I received a call on my phone) and 01/05/24 when my Mum tried to call me, and she couldn't get through, this happened to me.  I noticed something was wrong only when she informed me that she couldn't call me on my mobile (she called my landline after not being able to connect) and that was when I found that I also couldn't make outgoing calls and got the 'calling....' with no dialling noise when I tried to use my phone. I tried calling 'home' when I was 4 miles away and still had the same thing happening, just in case it was engineering works on the mast closest to my home.
I contacted the web chat today and spent over 3 hours going through one thing after another (after waiting over 40mins for someone to help) from taking out the sim, trying another phone, checking my APN details, 4G enabled etc, etc, etc and nothing changed.
I was also initially told that there was 'engineering work in my area', even though the network status checker stated there wasn't, and this was then ignored as a reason when I questioned it.
I also asked about the 'SIM Card Status' details (on my phone) that state:-
Mobile Network State - Disconnected
IMS Registration Status - Not Registered
and again, this was talked around and I wasn't given an answer as to what this meant, what could cause it and if this was something wrong at their end.
I am reclusive so my phone only ever 'moves' when I answer a call or it needs charging so no 'rattling around in a handbag', no 'dropping it', no 'poor reception' etc, also there has been no change in the 'Settings' as it has worked fine for a long time now 'as it is' so there was no need to even look to change them and so I really don't understand HOW my phone has stopped working!

In the end I was advised to request a replacement SIM, which I have done, but I didn't realise it suspended my account as it is only set up for 'stolen phones' rather than a 'SIM no longer working' replacement (I could still text and use the internet on the 'broken' SIM) and you still have to pay for NOT being able to use the services.  
It is impossible to find out where on the website you can order a replacement SIM (I did a search here on the Community page and found a post with a link to it) and you then have to activate the new SIM, when received, and again there is no easy way to find out how to do this on the website.
I have had nothing to grumble about before now with regards to SMARTY in the 7+yrs of using their services and always thought they were value for money but knowing this is not just a 'me' problem now makes me question as to whether it really is the SIM that is broken or if it is a wider issue that SMARTY doesn't want to own up to (3G switch off )?!?!?!? If it is a SMARTY things I will be 😠😠😠😠

From this post and others on here..... I DON'T have a corrupt SIM... it's something to do with the network!!






Well, we ordered a new sim, and it is working now. It had worked OK until about 7/4/24, and could call via the home wifi. Turn that off and no go. It's my wifes phone, I have no real knowledge of them and don't have my own. AFAIK cellular data has never worked and Despite having the correct APN. Just going to try using it a a hotspot to see if the PC will connect- it should! So far, all good. But what went wrong here? Needs looking at. I have a sim in my home 4G router as my sole internet access point from Smarty which goes quite well usually.

If the plan on the SMARTY SIM in your at home 4G router has an unlimited data allowance, perhaps SMARTY have determined you're using the device as a long-term alternative to a fixed (landline) broadband connection.

Unfortunately @JamieSu_2072475, the SMARTY terms prohibit use of unlimited data plans in this manner.  

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

We’ve been having this exact issue. Full signal and not able to make/receive calls and also no internet. It happens quite regularly, to the point we’re both seriously thinking of changing sim provider. 

SMARTY Trendsetter
SMARTY Trendsetter

Are you in the Midlands area where Three UK (the SMARTY network partner) have turned-off their 3G mobile network, @LJMM?


I have all the issues listed above and it all started a few days ago when the 3g was turned off. My phone is an S6 which says it is 4glte and shows as on lte when I do get a bare signal.

My phone is now basically unusable on Smarty despite their own website saying it should work, 800 on imei. 

Inside at home I get no signal at all, outside I'm lucky to be connected with no bars yet their own 4g map says otherwise.