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Roaming Issues

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I work in Aviation. I’ve been in Greece, Spain, and Portugal the last 3 days. My phone connects to a network while roaming, displays 4G or 5G but nothing works. It won’t even load a google safari page. Settings are all correct. Ive no idea why it won’t work while roaming. Any ideas?


SMARTY Teamster
SMARTY Teamster

Have you changed the APN to “” to enable your phone to work outside the UK ?

Would also be worth manually selecting a network on your phone, rather than letting it automatically select a network. 

With Smarty, you have a roaming allowance of 12 GB data, if you used that or more in the UK, prior to your trip, you would need to buy an out of plan add on to resume data connectivity. 


@DavidOS_531721 Are you using a VPN?

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer



an update on this, I was abroad briefly yesterday again. Made sure mobile data settings were correct, I’m not using a VPN, using an iPhone 15 pro max, still no internet. My phone again displayed I had 4g. I have roaming on my account but got this message. Oops. It looks like this service isn't covered in your plan. To find out how to use this service, go to, when you have WiFi


@DavidOS_531721 Did you notice what network you were roaming on? Was it definitely an EU network?

Were you simply trying to use some data from an existing plan? Is there any chance that you have had 60 days worth of EU roaming recently?

Hi @MSF as @DavidOS_531721 included in his post above “. Oops. It looks like this service isn't covered in your plan. To find out how to use this service, go to, when you have WiFi”

I would think that he wasn’t connected to an EU network. 

Just wondering @DavidOS_531721 is this a personal phone or a work issued phone, which may have some software installed on it which is blocking connectivity outside the UK ? 

Are you using another SIM or eSIM in the phone and do they have issues ?

Next time you go abroad, it may be worth buying a one day travel eSIM from Airalo or similar, which costs around €3,  installing that in your phone and seeing if you get connectivity. 

If you still don’t get connectivity with a travel eSIM, then it’s likely a phone or software issue

If you do have connectivity, then it’s a Smarty issue.

@JJP2RidesAgain  Yes, this is the sort of message you would expect when connecting to a non-EU network without any credit.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I was in Tenerife. I'm abroad alot for very short periods but not over 60 days recently...also fairly sure my phone was on airplane mode all flight and shouldn't have connected to a morrocan network, although I KNOW we were 100 miles from morocco. this on three describes my issues also, so I'm not the only person with issues. 


EDIT : Just a thought, you have toggled on data roaming within your phone’s settings ?

Your phone would have been too high up during flight to connect to a network.

I once didn’t switch my phone to airplane mode during a flight. It hadn’t connected to a network by the time I discovered this half way through a flight. 

So, reading your latest post above, you have SIMs from both Smarty and Three in your phone ? And neither connect when your abroad ? Three is Smarty’s parent company of course, so Smarty runs on Three. 

Is your phone a personally owned phone, or a company phone ? If it’s a company owned phone, is there any software on it that may restrict connectivity abroad ? 

If my assumption from your post above is that you also have a three SIM in your phone is correct,  may be worth popping into a three store or even booking a “genius bar” visit to an Apple Store, to see if they can spot any issues with your phone. If your phone works fine in the UK, but doesn’t offer mobile data connectivity abroad, despite showing it’s connected to a network, and there isn’t a VPN or other software blocking data connectivity overseas, then it’s probably best to get the phone checked out. Not sure if @MSF has any other ideas. 


@JJP2RidesAgain  Nothing much to add except to say that phone will only have one sim at any one time. (no dual physical sim capability in iPhone?)

@DavidOS_531721 Do you by any chance have an e-sim and maybe have not set the physical sim to be the primary active one?