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SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi I recently switched from Gifgaff to Smarty. I done a speed test on my phone and I am meant to be getting up to 70mbps on 4g  and it was saying my download speed is 1mbps is this normal and allowed I am trying to use my hotspot  for my xbox that was the whole point of me switching for the unlimited data package 


SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

There are various factors that impact on your data speeds - Distance from the three network mast(s), as three is the parent company of Smarty. Also the types of buildings you live in and around you affect speeds, as they be creating a faraday cage, and reducing signal / speeds.

Also, be aware of section 5.15 of the Smarty terms and conditions :

Responsible use – Unlimited Data Only Plans
5.15 Our Unlimited Data Only SIM plans are for personal, non-commercial use only and can be used in SIM enabled tablets or
laptops and portable mobile WI-FI devices and is uncapped for this use. This SIM card should not be used as a permanent
long-term alternative to home broadband. If we determine in our sole opinion that your use of the SMARTY Services is in
breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or exceeds that reasonably expected of someone using the Service for legitimate
personal, non-commercial use, then we may at our discretion terminate (in accordance with Section 9), or Suspend (in
accordance with Section 8), or restrict your SMARTY Service. As an example, without limitation, we consider that if you
regularly tether more than 8 devices that this is unlikely to be legitimate personal, non-commercial use. 

So where I am Atm I'm in a hostel and I can't get WiFi here so am I breaking the rules by using my mobile data to hotspot my xbox so I can play it?

You have seen the terms and conditions above - As this is the Smarty Community Forum, we are customers just like yourself. Therefore, as we do not work for Smarty, we can’t speak for Smarty, nor do we know how they would view your use case. 

They can view it how they want the fact of the matter is when I was on gifgaff with no unlimited data I could use my hotspot perfectly fine download games on my xbox my signal wouldn't keep cutting out like it does with this provider starting to think I made a mistake switching over 

Probably best to switch back to giffgaff, @ChrisPop94

Seems like SMARTY can't provide the service you're after at your location.