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Poor Battery performance - Nokia 3



I have a Nokia 3 and I'm having trouble with the battery performance 😤

I had the battery replaced in Dec last year but the problem seems to still exist so any help or advice with this would be greatly appreciated 👍

When my battery level shows ~60% or below it is less than useless. I can't make/take a phone call or even a text message as the phone just immediately shuts down and if I try to turn it on again it shows that the battery is ~1% 🤔😡

Does anyone have experience with this or know why it is happening 😒? I have 'Googled' the problem and performed the 'let the phone completely die, charge to 100% then  keep charging for another 2hrs before turning it on. Do this 3 times and it will reset itself' suggestion but this doesn't seem to have worked.

I have downloaded the AccuBattery app but I don't understand the info and I'm sure it won't tell me what is actually wrong.

So, I'm out of ideas 😞

I can't afford another phone so if I can get this one to work as it should it would be great!

Ta kindly x x