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Phone number does not work abroad

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I am abroad and have several issues

- I bought add on to be able to send a text (to my bank to validate transaction)

- it did not help, ie roaming did not switch on, but the add-on value disappeared.  I bought about £5 - the same story.  No roaming and £5 went down to 0 in 20 min.  How is it possible I lost £10 in less than 30 min with zero effect? 
- I still can not make my phone work to send out a text

- when I call my phone, the call does not go through 



SMARTY Superhero
SMARTY Superhero

@IrinaKi_1587352 It depends upon where you are abroad . If it is NOT in the EU, then you need to pay for all calls, texts, data at the prices given in the Price Guide.

My best guess is that you left mobile data on and, as soon as your phone found a local network, it started using data. The rates per Mb can be quite high and the phone will be trying to check a number of things and so can use up the credit very quickly.

If you decide to put more credit on, then turn off mobile data so as to preserve your credit to be used for any necessary calls or texts.