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Mobile broadband is disconnected on my netgear router

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SMARTY Pioneer

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SMARTY Major Player

Assuming there's a SMARTY SIM card in your Netgear device, is the SMARTY plan paused @JasonLa_1947203


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SMARTY Moderator



Ensure that your plan is currently active by logging into your online account. If your plan is active but you're experiencing no connection whatsoever, try inserting the sim card into another device to determine if it connects. If it does connect in a different device, the issue likely lies with your original device. You can attempt some troubleshooting steps, which may help resolve the problem. Consult your router's user manual or refer to the Netgear website for model-specific guidance.

However, if the sim card doesn't connect in another device, it may indicate a network or sim card problem. It's advisable to check our Network Status Checker to see if there is any ongoing maintenance, as this could potentially impact the quality of your connection:

Network status checker | SMARTY

Last resort would be to order a replacement sim card: 

What to do if your SIM card gets lost or stolen | SMARTY Help Centre

I hope this helps!