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Missed Call when phone has no power

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Hey there

I received a call that went straight to voicemail as my phone had no power to it. They left no message. Will that call be logged somewhere? If so how do I retrieve it please? 


SMARTY Major Player
SMARTY Major Player

Okay @AndrewCa_930886, if the call was diverted to SMARTY voicemail, and the caller didn't hang-up before the voicemail system started recording, the number would be available with the voicemail message. 

Otherwise, you'd not normally be able to find out about the missed call. 


@AndrewCa_930886 I think that the call will be logged somewhere, but I'm not sure how you will be able to access the number.

Imagine calls from a doctor's surgery for instance, they normally have caller ID withheld for confidentiality reasons. While I imagine that the mobile phone system certainly can trace where a call comes from (think national security issues!) I'm not sure that you will be able to get that info.

They hung up before it kicked in expecting the call to be logged. Little did I know the phone had just run out of power minutes before. I think I'm screwed to be honest


@AndrewCa_930886  Ah yes, I see the problem then! When your phone has power, you can naturally see who has called you - they will then expect you to call them back and will assume that you were busy at the time etc.

Regrettably, I do think you'll have a problem then.