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Loss of 3network from ipad

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I have lost mobile network provider 3 from my iPad. How can I get it back? Is it best just to cancel this account and start again?


SMARTY Major Player
SMARTY Major Player

This forum is for customers using a SMARTY SIM card in their phone, iPad or tablet device, @BillBar_2069375

Which service provider supplied the SIM in your iPad? 

I got the sim from smarty

@BillBar_2069375 Is this an iPad with Wifi and Cellular? You have activated the sim and put it in the iPad?

Okay @BillBar_2069375, do you have an active plan linked with the SMARTY SIM card in your iPad? 

Has the SMARTY SIM ever worked in your iPad?

Yes I have an active plan.  It has been working OK until I lost contact with three.  Now under Mobile Data in Settings, Network Peoviders are listed as Gigsky, RedteaGO and Truphone.  These are global eSIM providers which were not previously there and which I do not want.  It would appear that they have displaced three from my device

@BillBar_2069375 Are you in the UK or roaming?

Iam in the UK

@BillBar_2069375  Apologies if this sounds a bit dim - just trying to assist. You have a physical sim in the iPad? Your account shows the sim number and an activeSmarty plan?

Have you had a web chat with Support Team to check that all is OK with your account?

Yes to the sim.  Yes to the account.  Yes to web chat team.

@BillBar_2069375  It sounds very odd that you have not used any of those sim providers and yet they re showing in your Settings. Is it maybe worth turning off, removing sim, wait a few minutes and then reinsert sim and turn on?

I have just done that to no effect

Do calls and texts work in your iPad with your SMARTY SIM card, @BillBar_2069375?  

What happens if you change the Network Selection settings option to Auto?

SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

In these circumstances it may be best to contact our chat team who can check your account and offer account spesific advice available daily from 8am – 8pm.