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Got smarty for mobile internet but not working please help

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Hi all, I've got a smarty Internet data only sim (£9 per month)

I've installed it in unlocked mobile phone and want to use it for chromebook to connect to the Internet. 

Previously I was using my personal mobile but I wanted a dedicated alternate leaving my data on my phone alone. 

So I've installed the sim, and app, sim is recognised but it won't connect to the Internet either as a hotspot or through chrome on the mobile. 

Can someone help please 



@Russell_2014174 Did you change the APN setting on the new phone to

Hi and thanks for help I didn't, I just put in new sim, is it easy to do?

Re: APN setting on the new phone to

@Russell_2014174  I can only tell you about iPhone settings I'm afraid.

Settings > Mobil Service > Mobile Data Network > Mobile Data and check that it is

Must be something similar for Android, but I am guessing.


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