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Delay in porting number from Lebara

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Today is 12 Oct. I activated the smarty SIM card, submitted the PAC code. The switch was planned to happen on 9 Oct. On 9 Oct at 18:00 I received an email from Smarty saying "we are sorry there is a delay".

I asked the support team every day and they keep saying "there is an outage for Lyca, Lebara, O2". Sounds BS to me because my boyfriend also ported his number these days from Lebara to Talkmobile. It was smooth and on time.

Now Lebara has completely closed my account. I can make calls with my old number. But I cannot receive any calls and texts no matter with my old Lebara number or the temporary Smarty number.

What can I do now? How long do I still have to wait? My biggest concern is by the time my PAC code expires I am still stuck with the switch, while Lebara has already closed my account and I may lose my phone number.

Thank you.


SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I have same situation with porting from Lyca. I can use my mobile ,but can't receive calls and txt. My number is not fully working 3 days already. Smarty web chat don't really care and keep sending same reply all the time "we trying to fix" . It looks like Smarty has issue with their system. Loads of people reporting issues here about porting in. 


It’s not an issue with Smarty - It’s the fact that LycaMobile had a cyber attack last Friday, 6th October. This had caused issues with their systems.

*By the way, as this is the Smarty community forum, populated by Smarty customers, none of whom work for Smarty, and as you have already contacted Smarty, if I were you, I would contact LycaMobile, the source of your problem.