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Data usage on 4g router

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I have just purchased a iogiant 4g router to use when I am away. I installed my new smarty sim on Friday to test it st home in the UK and have brought it away with me.

I initially bought a 2mb plan, which I know is very small but just initially want to prove that I could get a reasonable signal and speed. I connected it yesterday evening (Saturday) and did some very light web browsing 

I had a message this morning (Sunday) to say all data is been used. How strange when I only have 5mb plan on my phone and very rarely go near that in a month.

Anyway I opted to put another 10mb on my smarty account to get me through the week but having watched 2 hours of low resolution tv the data has been used up 12 go in a matter of 3 hours!

 I only have a fire stick and iPad connected to it and no major updates have taken place in this time. 
The thing that I should add is that I am in the EU but that should be included in my plan. 

Reading on various internet sites I can see that lots of people are having similar high data issues with 4g routers but have not seen a definitive solution/reason. Is anyone aware of the solution/reason. 


SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

You get up to 12GB of data when roaming. 12GB is very little at the best of times and when it comes to streaming you'd be lucky to watch a couple of movies in HD.

Hi. Yes I understand that but it just seemed to eat up data much more than would normally using my phone as a hot spot. As I mentioned it used  1gb of browsing just testing it. There were no other devices, other than my iPad, linked to the router as it is brand new so no unknown updates taking place unless it is the server itself.

it just appeared to me to have something fundamentally wrong and from what I could see there are a lot of people with the same issue, not just this network or this particular brand of router.

I guess the only way I will get to the bottom of it is to do a comparison test. I.e iPad connected to 4g router and then to my iPhone hotspot.