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Buying data add on before data plan runs out without losing service (while roaming)

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

With a new Smarty account, I purchased a 2 GB data only SIM for £5.   Worked fine in the UK then I travelled to France, where it continued to work great.   When the 2 GB was down just below 1 GB, I purchased a 1GB add-on for £1.   I did this while in France.   There was a bit of delay before the add-on showed up (maybe an hour) but the service continued fine.   The next day my original 2GB data ran out and showed zero in the dashboard.  The add-on showed 1 GB as expected.  However, the service stopped.  The only site I could get to was

A few more hours went by and the service started working again on its own. 

I tried explaining this to the Smarty help chat (with a person).  They said it should seamlessly change from the data plan to the add-on without any interruption.   

As I will need to do this again next time I travel, I was wondering if anyone has seen this problem or has any thoughts on this?

Any help appreciated.





@JohnRai_2438479  Certainly, the suggestion is that you should have been able to use the extra data - Price Guide p18 suggests that.

Could it simply have been that service was down on a local mast - or that you were travelling between two masts and lost service - or that you went from one network to another (that often happens abroad)?

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

same problem. If you let the data run out there is a definite time lag before the new data pack kicks in.