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[Prize Draw] Let us know about your favourite bargain

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We are delighted to announce the winners of SMARTY Community Anniversary Prize Draw🎉🥁🏆

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Congratulations to our lucky winners! Please check your Community Private Messages inbox for further info.

Thanks to everyone who participated, we have received some wonderful entries! Better luck next time🍀



The competition is now closed and we will draw the winner from all the eligible entries in the next 24 hours. So, keep your fingers crossed and an eye on your Private Message inbox.

Thanks to everyone who contributed some brilliant entries. We had over two thousand posts ! Keep up the great work everyone; the SMARTY Community belongs to us all and succeeds because of your great contributions.

Cut yourself a slice of cake and stick on a party hat, because we're celebrating one whole year of the SMARTY Community 🎉

If this is news for you - where have you been? The Community is the fount of SMARTY knowledge, where anyone can ask, and answer, any question that pops up.

To celebrate an amazing first year, we are giving you the chance to win one of 15 £100 Amazon vouchers.

How can I enter?

Simply log in to the SMARTY Community platform and answer one or more of the questions in the "Let us know about your favourite bargain" article, before the draw closes on the 21st of January 2024.

  • What was the best bargain you've ever found?
  • What was the best bargain you've bagged this year?
  • What is your number one tip for getting a bargain?

The Draw

There are 15 £100 Amazon vouchers up for grabs, that we'll draw using a Random Number Generator, so get your entry in now.

If you are not already part of the Community, fear not - signing up takes seconds once you are there.

 Competition terms can be found here.

Best of Luck.


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My favourite bargain was buying a genuine pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones on Ebay for £40

My favourite bargain was finding my must have Phase Eight dress in the sale for 50% off!

My favourite bargain:

Shopping online, I found a new release equestrian branded jacket that said RRP £179.99 - on sale for £17.99. With p&p, it was £23.99 - I clicked and paid thinking it would rectify itself but it didn't. After I bought it I was telling a friend about it who asked me to get her one. I went back online to the site only to find that it was priced at £162. Some clever person had put it on at 90% discount not 10% and I had bought it before they realised their mistake and amended the price!! Bargain of the century 🙂 

I bought a North Face Coat during the summer in a flash sale for 60% of the usual cost. Just gave it to my daughter for Christmas! Also have to admit that Smarty is a bargain. My whole family uses Smarty now! 

Best bargain was an all inclusive 4* late deal to Tossa De Mar didn't cost much more than the flights, great place what a result.

My favourite purchase for 2023 was on 28 December 2023 was Celestron Telescope 127EQ purchased for £138.85 you won't get better. Time spent searching and checking reviews from all sources about 45 days, definitely not an impulse purchase. 🥳