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[Prize Draw] Let us know about your favourite bargain

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SMARTY Community Manager



We are delighted to announce the winners of SMARTY Community Anniversary Prize Draw🎉🥁🏆

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Congratulations to our lucky winners! Please check your Community Private Messages inbox for further info.

Thanks to everyone who participated, we have received some wonderful entries! Better luck next time🍀



The competition is now closed and we will draw the winner from all the eligible entries in the next 24 hours. So, keep your fingers crossed and an eye on your Private Message inbox.

Thanks to everyone who contributed some brilliant entries. We had over two thousand posts ! Keep up the great work everyone; the SMARTY Community belongs to us all and succeeds because of your great contributions.

Cut yourself a slice of cake and stick on a party hat, because we're celebrating one whole year of the SMARTY Community 🎉

If this is news for you - where have you been? The Community is the fount of SMARTY knowledge, where anyone can ask, and answer, any question that pops up.

To celebrate an amazing first year, we are giving you the chance to win one of 15 £100 Amazon vouchers.

How can I enter?

Simply log in to the SMARTY Community platform and answer one or more of the questions in the "Let us know about your favourite bargain" article, before the draw closes on the 21st of January 2024.

  • What was the best bargain you've ever found?
  • What was the best bargain you've bagged this year?
  • What is your number one tip for getting a bargain?

The Draw

There are 15 £100 Amazon vouchers up for grabs, that we'll draw using a Random Number Generator, so get your entry in now.

If you are not already part of the Community, fear not - signing up takes seconds once you are there.

 Competition terms can be found here.

Best of Luck.


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SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

My best bargain was a free coffee table, that was a bit tired and I up cycled it and now it looks beautiful.😊

when I get additional offer on Smarty for £1

to get extra data for nothing on my monthly contract with Smarty

My best bargain was after joining Smarty I have been enjoying double the amount of data I am subscribed to. I am subscribed to the £10 for 30gig plan but I have been getting 60gig for the same price. The best part of this offer is that it lasts for a year. Thank you Smarty😊 

The day I found and signed up on Smarty…

New JCB garden shredder, bought on Wimbledon car boot sale more than 15 years ago. Paid £3, worth £200. Still in the perfect working condition. One used on ebay today for £30.

best bargain for 2023 was my smarty sim it's so cheap and has excellent coverage.  well done smarty!

Best bargain was Black Friday SMARTY deal. £8 for 32 GB

Got a free gammon joint in the supermarket today. The till couldn't scan it or the other ones they tried so they gave it to me for nothing. 

Getting this SIM for my camper van, never let me down roaming around the country using the data, easy to top up and communication from smarty telling me my data is getting low, very easy to top up and at a great price.

My best bargain ever was a 1 year old £500 Neff oven for £25. Still working great 6 years later.

My favourite bargain this year was a top-of-the-range electric toothbrush which I bagged for £115 instead of £400 - still a lot of money but, hey, it was my Christmas present to myself. And now I feel like a queen! 😉

My favourite bargain still has to be my Smarty group discount. Has saved me hundreds over the years

my best bargain was a Ralph Lauren skirt, brand new with tags for £4.99 in a local charity shop. Fitted perfectly, so pleased with it! 

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer
Not applicable

‎01-13-2024 03:36 PM

Have a clear idea of what features and optioms are essential and stick to this.

Listen to, or read what Martin Lewis says, 

I've saved thousands using Money Saving Expert. Funnily enough, for my needs, I found a cheaper option for broadband, voice calling and data than what the MSE website was showing me at that point. 

Also, a good suggestion especially if you do shop online quite often is to sign up for a decent cashback site with £10 sign up bonus, such as TopCashback 

Never drink too much when on Ebay

Scan all the shops, for new and used items. Some used are as new. 

When shopping online, search for what you want, place the items in your basket and then come off the website for a few days.  Some retailers will send you money off vouchers to entice you back!! Happy days

To get a bargain on nearly anything I want to buy, I always add what I want to buy to my basket and make sure I’m logged in to the shop’s website. Then I wait a day or two (I.e. I don’t press ‘pay’). Most places will send you a discount voucher a day or two later to remind and encourage you to buy. If you have a little patience for buying what you want then you can get 10-20% off just by leaving things in your basket and waiting for the ‘forget something’ email. When I go to pay, I then use apps like airtimerewards, topcashback, Quidco, etc. to get cash back on my already discounted product. I also make sure I’m logged in to the loyalty section of their website, to get in-store bonus points for discounts towards future shopping. And once it arrives, I’ll use a receipt collection app like storerewards or shoppix to get some bonus points towards more gift vouchers (which I can use to pay for my next shop). Doing this means I get a bargain nearly every time I shop for something. 

Consider refurbished items.  Sometimes the items have simply been returned to the manufacturer as not wanted but because the box has been opened they can't sell them as new.  Make sure you read all the info about the item first. 

My number one tip is not to buy the newest electronics. Previous models of a lot of items still work brilliantly. The latest models typically have a few extra features you probably won't use and the styling might be slightly different.

This is my second number one tip. Be friendly to staff. I visited a shop in Hackney which sells goods at discounted prices. Previous year's model numbers or slightly blemished items. I was on the determined lookout for a stainless steel fridge. I was visiting this independent shop a few times and got chatting to the owner. Long story short. I ended up buying an AEG fridge and washing machine from him. I was going to ask for a 10% discount but didn't because he offered me a combined price better than 10% less. Plus free delivery. Plus free removal of three appliances from my home. I didn't get stainless steel, which is a pain to keep fingerprint free. Good old classic white appliances. You can't go too wrong with that.

my top tip for getting a bargain is try a charity shop-yesterday I got a brand new, still on the M&S website jumper for £8.99 from Oxfam, as they have M&S opened packs/shop soiled items in at low low prices! 

SMARTY Observer
SMARTY Observer

Let us know about your favourite bargain
My favourite bargain has been my Smarty SIM card which has saved me £££s over my old EE contracted one. I’m delighted monthly by this.

my favourite bargin was a £70 pair of nike trainers for £15

my best bargain was buy smarty 60GB sim at 10 pound per month and 2nd smarty sim as well

Got to be my SMARTY Card's. Not one but three!.


My best bargain this year was finding a pair of Sony headphones for £150 rather than the £350 they normally cost, keeping my ears nice and warm in this cold snap!!

Finding an expensive DVD that was sitting in my Amazon cart for sale in a local charity shop - for 30p.

When one of my old employers was closing down a branch we had to clear out the building and dump loads of stuff. So I got a free office desk and chair. Still using today

I got a genuine suede and mongolian fur trim jacket at a small market in Udine in Italy for only SEVEN EURO. i could not believe it 

£800 coat in perfect nick in a charity shop for £25!

My favourite bargain was a guitar bought in a charity shop for five shillings (25p). It helped me relax while studying for exams, and 53 years later I have 3 guitars and play in a band.

My favourite bargain was a good pair of jeans from the charity shop for £3  👍👌👌

I managed to get hold of two PS5s at launch when scalpers were taking them all. My boss had been trying for weeks to get one for his kids for xmas. I sold him one of them and he was so pleased he also paid for mine as an xmas bonus 🙂

A pair of predator football boots.  The wrong boots were in the wrong box, when I got home instead of £50 football boots I had £199:00 pair. When my dad rang the store they allowed me to keep them for the inconvenience.

Ad blocker and Smarty take the top spot