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SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I have not set up voicemail, but callers are are answered and asked to leave a message. I then get a notification to say I have a voicemail, but when I click on the link to listen it says I have not set it up. This doesn't seem right. Any suggestions?


SMARTY Trendsetter
SMARTY Trendsetter

Sounds like you might be trying to use Visual Voicemail, which is not supported on the SMARTY Mobile network @JamesPe_1780082.

What happens if you dial 123 on the handset with your SMARTY SIM card?


If I call 123 it says voicemail not set up as I stated. I am not trying visual voicemail, I am wondering why, when I haven't set up voicemail, callers are allowed to leave a message and I get a text to tell me I have a voicemail with a link to listen to the message, which when clicked, says you haven't set up voicemail. Duh!

I believe, by default, SMARTY voicemail is turned ON when you activate your SMARTY SIM card.

If you've switched to SMARTY and kept your number, sometimes voicemail doesn't work properly if there were any pending voicemails in your old provider's account on your switching date.

Have you tried setting up voicemail for your SMARTY account @JamesPe_1780082?
Otherwise, I suspect you'll probably need SMARTY Mobile's help & support to fix your voicemail issues.

Good luck @JamesPe_1780082.


Me to.

I would love a solution from SMARTY on this. Lets be clear.

I dont want voice mail and havenet set it up. Ringing the voice mail confirms this is the case - not set up.

However, people are still leaving messages and I get a text alert to each message being received.

Any chance of fix to this for people who DON'T WANT VOICEMAIL?

Thank you.

@PeterGa_2536420 You would need to take this up with Smarty Support as we humble forum members cannot change anything.

SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Hey  JamesPe_1780082,

your feedback is apricated , it will be best for our customer care team to check your account to make sure everything is as it should be, available daily from 8am – 8pm.