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smarty sim just stopped working

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Ive been with smarty for 12 months in an iphone, without a problem. Today out of the blue, my phone is saying no sim card detected. Ive taken it out and made sure its inserted properly, but not working. I have a smarty bonus sim i got when i joined smarty and I can see how to activate it, but i'm not sure if that will take my current phone number automatically or when i activate it, will it have a new number? I'm suspicious because the activation instructions then say to pick a plan and pay for it, and i already have a paid for plan on my current number with the sim card that has stopped working. Any advice please?



@LeslieH_2251005 If you activate a bonus sim, it will be on a new account or else a 'nickname' account if you form a group.

You can order a replacement sim if you report the current one as  lost/stolen. The replacement will come with instructions for activation and will then have your existing number.

When you make the report, you account will probably be suspended for security until you activate the replacement.

SMARTY Trendsetter
SMARTY Trendsetter

Does the SIM work in another device, @LeslieH_2251005?

If not, you may need to ask SMARTY for a replacement SIM card, via the online SMARTY web chat.