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Slow internet speed

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Hi guys I just switched to Smarty as the £20 a month for unlimited data sounded like a no-brainer. Now I'm starting to think it's more of a yes-brainer. I'm on my 3rd day with smarty and 90% of the time I am on 1 bar of connection. The highest I've seen is 2 bars but that's rare. It's very odd as I can stream 1080p HD videos no problem but when trying to play a game using hotspot I have insane ping 90-200 and makes fifa unplayable. I just came from giffgaffs slowed down 300kbps speed and that played fifa with no issues although it struggled to play youtube at 240p does anyone know whats going on here? 

I have correct APN settings, Have been all over my town and no better connection, I have checked my area (says "good"), Tried aeroplane mode on and off, switched device on and off. I'm out of options. It says the recommended speed is 70mbps whereas the highest I have seen so far is 11mbps but it fluctuates constantly so anything that needs a stable connection like gaming doesn't really work. I can't switch device I only have one phone but if these sims are only working with certain devices then I would have liked to have known that before paying.

Is it worth asking for a refund as I'm only day 3 into this sim or will I get denied? Thanks in advance!




@JoshuaF_2642670  I can't see why you shouldn't be able to get a refund. See here:

I'm assuming that you have done a Network Status Check to see if there is any local mast problem.

It may just be that there is in fact no decent signal in your area unfortunately.