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sim not arrived

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I ordered a sim a week ago, i understand their are problems with the post at present but tomorrow is xmas eve so not expecting it for at least another week, however the t&cs for the deal i have got says i must activate within 14 days to get that deal, should i re-order or wait???



Probably best to contact Support about this as they can access your a/c and decide the best resolution to help you.

Yeah that doesnt help at all because You wait hours for a reply on web chat and all the say is wait 5days and then re-order another sim if it still hasnt arrived.. I’ve done exactly that and am still waiting for My 2nd sim card to arrive over a week later.. this is absolutely ridiculous..!! 

Hey Diesel55,

I am sorry that this has happened, if you have been waiting more than 5 working days the sim should be with you, if you would like our team can order a replacement sim for you or help you close the account fi you would prefer.