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SIM card status details..... what do they mean?


Hi all 👋
I, like many others, have been unable to make or receive calls since earler this week or possibly longer.
Looking in my phone I have found these details for the 'SIM card status' and I don't know what this suggests.
Mobile network state - Disconnected
IMS registration status - Not registered
Can anyone shed any light into what they mean and if there is anything I can do to rectify it as I'm sure this is why I am now unable to use my phone.
I have ordered a replacement SIM (as advised via web chat) but I don't want to end up in the same situation if this is something I need to sort out.
Ta kindly!



@Decembersangel Not sure where you are finding those details. I cannot see them on an iPhone.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Have the same problem did the new sim fix this.👍

@MarkMars_274465  A replacement sim from Smarty would not have arrived yet, given that the post was put on late on Saturday evening and today is a Bank Holiday.

I got a new sim card unfortunetly it has not fixed the problem of not being able to send or receive calls.

I think my phone maybe cannot connect with 4 G 


Hi all,
@MSF @MarkMars_274465 I found this info in Settings /About Phone / Status / SIM Card Status. I have a Samsung Galaxy J4+
I have discovered that at least the Mobile Network State is down to me being a Numpty as it states 'Disconnected' because I had my mobile data turned off🙄🙃! DOH!! But still not sure why the IMS registration status is 'Not registered'.
And yes, I'm still awaiting my new SIM but from what I can gather this will make no difference because I don't think my phone is VoLTE compatible (although some websites say it is 4G calling compatible) 😤😠, so I'm stuck with a phone I can't use and can't afford one that I can.

Perhaps it's time to switch to an alternative service provider, @Decembersangel?

O2 or one of the MVNO companies that partner with O2 might be the best option, because O2 have a 2G network (unlike SMARTY), nor have they announced a schedule for their 3G network switch-off. 

The UK mobile networks have agreed with the UK Government to turn-off 3G by 2033, although some are doing this sooner. 

Yes, @Chalkychap I am seriously looking to change provider and I'm sure many, many other customers will looking to do the same as well! the way SMARTY are handling this issue (VoLTE) as well as short codes and I can't see that it will be viable to run as a business too much longer.
I have determined that my phone IS actually 4G calling/VoLTE enbaled as I checked the details on the websites SMARTY mentioned (Three's Device Support Tool, and GSM Arena) in their VoLTE post and I also checked on the ASDA Mobile website (that has a 'TAC' checker) and that also confirms that my mobile is enabled. 😤😠😠😠
I have determined it's not that my phone doesn't support VoLTE as much as SMARTY doesn't support my phone make/model. IF they supported ALL 4G Calling capable phones then why is there a 'Compatible Phones' list they support???

I'm guessing you're in the Midlands area where Three UK have just switched off their 3G network, @Decembersangel

Your handset is shown as being 4G VoLTE capable in the UK, so if you're in the Three UK 3G switch-off area it should work. If not, perhaps Three UK have misconfigured the 4G & 5G mobile networks in that area. The IMS not registered message suggests something might not be quite right with the Three UK network setup. 

Have you tried turning off your handset, removie the SIM card, wait 10-minutes, reinsert the SIM card, and restart your handset?

Though perhaps it's #MoreMalarkey, #LessSMARTY.

Yup @Chalkychap !😁 Derby!
I have tried EVERYTHING I found on the tinterweb with regards to this (I have spent well over 20hrs going down the VoLTE rabbithole😤). According to all the information I have read and all the 'tips' to test the capability it comes down to the fact that my device is set up correctly to use VoLTE and this is a SMARTY problem where they don't support my device. What annoys me the most is that SMARTY won't admit to that and places the onus on me 'make it work' even though there is nothing I can do.
There are so many people out there complaining about this same thing and the only option that appears to work is to change to a provider that supports the specific device and that is if there is one.
We seem to be going backwards where only those with money will be able to own a mobile phone as I'm sure there are many like me that have a phone that WILL work but doesn't and they can't afford to replace it (if I had £50 to spare I'd feel rich and my current phone is a 'handme down' from my sister).
I have just checked iD mobile, which is also a subsiduary of Three 🤔, and they support my device!

  Brand           Model                        4G     WiFi
                                                      Calling Calling

SamsungGalaxy J4 Plus (2018)YesYes

Looks like SMARTY will be losing at least one long standing customer!

Just a quick point - Whilst ID Mobile is an MVNO on Three, it isn’t a subsidiary of Three, as it’s owned by Currys, the high street electrical retailer. 

Okay @Decembersangel, seems odd SMARTY Mobile can't / won't help.

Your Samsung Galaxy J4+ is shown as 4G Calling (VoLTE) capable, on the Three UK support page at

Unless SMARTY are using a different IMS vendor on their virtual mobile network, I'd expect your device to work in an area without 3G. 


If that's so its poor on smarty's part.😡



Thanks @JJP2RidesAgain  I'm afraid I kinda get a bit knotted in my thoughts, so much so that I end up sounding stoopid (not difficult! 😂). I knew that they aren't a subsiduary but I just couldn't think how to say it in the proper way 🙄. What I meant to say is that they use the 3 network.
I know @Chalkychap 😤. It's not so much as it doesn't work on the SMARTY network (OK it is 😁) but it's the fact that SMARTY will not be honest and admit 'I'm sorry but we don't support your device but we may do in the future, and as much as we'd hate for you to leave the best option for you would probably be to change to another provider that does.' The onus is placed on the customer to do all the work and STILL be confused when SMARTY has the answers! It's the dishonesty that gets me the most.
Thanks @MarkMars_274465 and it is and that is what is so upsetting.  

I'm not sure SMARTY web chat advisers get a significant amount of training, @Decembersangel.

This probably means it's unlikely the advisers have SMARTY answers about IMS registration issues, nor unambiguous guidance on handset compatibility and support with VoLTE. 

#LessSMARTY, #MoreMalarkey in this instance.



@Chalkychap I really don't understand how a company thinks they have good customer service if they use 'cheap' and 'un-trained advisers' who really have no clue what they are talking about!
It seems that so many companies now use 'out-sourced' customer service advisers that don't know what they are talking about and just seem to read off 'cheat sheets'! 
Thank 'God' for internet search engines to gve us the 'right' answers to problems! The answers may not be 'correct' but at least they are closer than trained 'advisers' and you will move in the correct direction to find an answer! 🙄

@Decembersangel You are certainly correct in stating that so many companies use 'advisors' who do not have a clue about the product/service. They often work from scripts and that is why you often get an irrelevant response from them/

The thing is that this is a cheap option for a company, particularly if the 'customer service' is based offshore where staffing costs are much lower. In many cases, it seems that the staff speak English, but do not fully understand the language as used by native English speakers.