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SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Hi I am trying to sort this problem since I have been with smarty . I cant seem to use the Samsung messaging service since I changed to smarty do I need to change any settings . I have the right message centre number and have no issues with normal text messages or the internet or making calls . When I go into new settings and get this message as copied I get a message saying  registration failed.  Can anyone please help.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 . Thanks lee 



Hi @LeeTuck_1008290 👋
I have found this which may point you in the right direction. It may be something to do with multiple RCS when having both Samsung Messaging and Google Messaging App in use :-
I also found a reply to the same problem posted on the Samsung Community website of 'If you want to use Samsung messages you have to make it your default setting (and not Google as well as the Samsung one) as you can't run them both together'. 
This seems to be a ongoing problem with Samsung devices.
I hope you find the answer x x