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Replacement SIM Question

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Having ported my number to Smarty several months ago, my phone was still recording my number as that of the Smarty SIM not my successfully ported number. 

Previously when this has happened with other providers they've done aSIM refresh at their end that solved the issue. However chatting with Smarty support they insisted it was the RCS settings of messages that caused the issue. I could prove this wasn't the problem as both Samsung and Google messaging apps had my correct number.

Eventually they insisted I needed a new SIM which I was told would come with my correct number on it.  I've now put that SIM in,  waited over 2 hours for activation to work and it reads as "unknown number" now.  So searching on here I found advice to reset SIM settings which worked. 

However I'm now being nagged on my Smarty dashboard about having activated a new SIM. I'm offered the following options of  do I want to port my number or keep the new SIM number...

Which option do I choose as I've not changed provider?!

 If I ignore it will this cause any issues?



@Ranikora_3577 Does your dashboard now show the correct number and also does your phone show the correct number in settings? Those are the important criteria.

If all is well there, there is no need to port a number as it has already been done. I'm not sure how you could port a number because you would not have a valid PAC from the previous provider.

Phones frequently seem to 'remember' the original number of the sim before porting. A number of contributors have been able to manually change that in Settings. (I know it works for iPhone with a tweak to iMessage and FaceTime, but not sure if it works with Adenoid phones! 😂)


@Ranikora_3577  May also be worth a web chat so that Support Team can check your account at their end.

SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Hi @Ranikora_3577 it sounds like you've ordered a brand new SIM rather than a replacement. Please get in touch with our customer care team via webchat so they can guide you through how to resolve this as quickly as possible

Thanks for your reply,  but I absolutely didn't order a new SIM. As advised on the webchat I ordered a replacement using the dashboard option for lost/ stolen/damaged SIM.