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Problems sending email via Smarty

SMARTY Commentator
SMARTY Commentator


I have my own domain and email address and I can send and receive emails from my phone whilst connected to wifi, but the moment I come off wifi and connect to Smarty, I can receive emails but not send them. They sit in my outbox unsent until I connect back to wifi.
Connecting to Smarty and starting up Shark VPN and the email sends ok suggesting it is something to do with when the email passes through Smarty.
Anyone else got email through their own domain with similar problems? Anyone got a solution?



SMARTY Pro-coach
SMARTY Pro-coach

I joined Smarty on June 2nd, very recently

I have had a couple of domains for years, one main one for important stuff, banking, bills, etc and another one for newsletters etc

I use both "Fastmail" and "Runbox" to host the email for my domains, and have not experienced any problems with receiving and sending emails since I joined Smarty 

Suggest you have a look at your email hosts FAQ, as there may be / should be different ports you can use to send mail, whether you are using the old POP3 protocol or the newer IMAP Protocol. 

EDIT : Unless you are using Smarty email servers, which I dont think they provide to customers, then the issue you are currently experiencing is highly unlikely to be connected to / the fault of Smarty.

Which company is your email host ?