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Phone connection

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Been with smarty 3 weeks now,when we joined we were given temporary numbers, everything worked fine, after having our old numbers imported, both me and my wife have had problems, when we text, on our old numbers after giving our pac codes our temporary numbers show to the recipient, we have tried calling the temporary numbers and they come up invalid numbers, we also have problems trying to ring each other we can here the ringing tone but the recipients phone doesn't ring out, this is really frustrating as we do not have a landline for a back up but the operator on the smarty chat line said to order new sim cards but the old sim cards will cease to work as soon as we request new sim cards and the new sim cards will take 2/3 days to arrive. Personally i think smarty have made some sort of mistake whilst importing our old numbers from O2


SMARTY Major Player
SMARTY Major Player

Have you tried the procedures in the online "Transferring my number" support article at: 

If you scroll down, there are sections for:

  • "My iPhone is displaying the wrong number when texting/calling?"
  • "My Android is displaying the wrong number when texting/calling?"

Hopefully there's a procedure to solve the issue @Russell_1907313.



As @Chalkychap says.

You do need to check that your phone "knows" its own number. Is your number correct on your account dashboard? If so, it is likely that your phone needs adjustment, particularly given that both of you have the same issue.