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Phone calls

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi , I have just joined Smarty from O2 and have had my number ported over.

My problem is I can make phone calls and send texts but nobody can phone me.They keep getting a message from O2 saying I can't be contacted. What can I do about this.




Hi , it's just this minute working, all seems fine now. Thank you all so much 

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@Michael_2705841  Does your ported number show in your account dashboard?

If so, you need a web chat with Smarty Support Team so that they can investigate.

If it does not show in your dashboard, then Smarty do not have your number yet. When were you told it would be ported? Also, ensure that your phone shows correct number in Settings.

Hi just been talking to smarty team member and he thinks the problem may sort itself out by tomorrow as my number has only come across today. I have to check tomorrow and contact them again if still not resolved 

@Michael_2705841  If it was due to port in today, it can be up to about 5pm before the process is completed.

You'd normally get messages from SMARTY when your switch gets completed, @Michael_2705841

Have SMARTY advised you of your switch from O2 being completed, @Michael_2705841?


Yes, I had a text at 12 o'clock today saying all done 

Okay @Michael_2705841, then your port should have been completed. 

Have you tried: 

  1. A NETWORK RESET (see your handset user guide for the procedure)?
  2. Turning off your handset, removing the SIM card, waiting 10-minutes, insert SIM and restart your handset.

If incoming calls are still an issue after this, you may be suffering from a split-port, which can only be fixed by the SMARTY number switching team.


Hi , it's just this minute working, all seems fine now. Thank you all so much 

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Yes the person I spoke to said it could resolve itself later and to check tomorrow. The thing is I can call out and send texts 

Have you switched your phone off and back on ? You need to do that upon receiving confirmation that your number has ported.

if that doesn’t resolve the issue, you may be experiencing what’s known as a “split port”, so you would need to get in touch with Smarty. There are plenty of articles on “split ports” if you google them.