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No signal

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Well it's now the 23rd of February and have been completely cut off from recieving calls texts and basically using smarty. It completely went off on the 14th Feb after arriving in France on and emergency visit so was cut off at the airport not being able to access emails location ,translation ,transport information. Contacted customer services and were of little help. All setting changed for working abroad to no avail. Unable to communicate with anyone verbally. I can't believe in this day and age a mobile network goes down like this and doesn't work abroad. Not only that just goes down with no support. What's going on SMarty?  Am I supposed to suspend my account until I return to UK with more inconvenience? I am not getting any service what am I supposed to do ?



SMARTY Major Player
SMARTY Major Player

Sounds like this is a case of less SMARTY, more malarkey@LeelaHe_1386428

Time to switch to another service provider, perhaps?

SMARTY Superhero
SMARTY Superhero

@LeelaHe_1386428  What does your account dashboard show?

Do you definitely have mobile coming turned on? (Yes, I know it may sound like a silly question!) Many of us have had service abroad on multiple occasions, so it is not a general feature that Smarty doesn't work abroad.

Have you tried looking at manual network setting rather than auto? You could perhaps find that the one chosen automatically doe not work well for some reason.