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My smarty sim card saying it's active I can't call or text


SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Hey  Sean12

I would check that you have not signed up for a data-only plan if you are still having issues please get in touch with our customer service team and one of our advisors will be more than happy to help. Available daily from 8am – 8pm

Hi Rebekah - I am not being funny, but have you actually counted the number of messages which are asking the same question? 

Somehow I very much doubt that it's anything to do with thick customers signing up for data only plans!

PPlease be honest and tell us what the problems with SMARTY ARE? 

It's taken me weeks to get 1 of your customer service reps to admit that SMARTY are not yet capable of receiving the OTP (2FA) Codes from most companies - Apparently your engineers are working on it! 

Sounds odd @PeterWh_1550878.

I'm using a SMARTY SIM and don't have a problem getting 2FA (OTP) codes from anybody. 

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi - Thanks, I had a chat with a Support guy yesterday who explained that it's actually like this - 

"I am sorry its nothing like that, some times due to technical error or server issue it gets delayed. But receiving OTP is not an issue, responding to companies messages or short codes messages is an issue , taking part in contests through text is an issue.

Issue is in sending texts not receiving them."