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Connection problems on my Huawei portable modem,

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me why when you have 2 Smarty sims, one is not connecting, this is a data only plan with unlimited data but the other which is my phone on a 6gb plan connects ok, feel like I'm being robbed by Smarty especially when the data plan was got especially for when we away in the caravan, 




@JamesWa_2265565 Please do NOT start with accusations of robbery until you are 100% that you have done everything correctly and then given Smarty the chance to investigate.

Did you change the APN settings to

Are you sure that the router is not locked to a network that is not Three (Smarty runs on that)?

If you didn't do that, GOING ELSEWHERE (your capitals!) won't make any difference.

It's always been fine before it's just the past 2 days, nothings been changed, also connection on my phone is only running at 1mbps if I'm lucky was running at 10mbps 3 days ago, I'm thinking they are having issues in the area we are

@JamesWa_2265565 Oh, so you're not being robbed then!!!

Have you checked Network Status? That would be the first thing to do. Youcould then web chat with Support Team if no problem stated on the checker.

It's not terribly helpful when your first post states that one phone sim is working OK and you now change your tune.

Phone sim running at 10mbps 4g,  modem running at 1mbps 4g cant even run my game on my tablet at that speed, 

Hey  JamesWa_2265565,

I would recommend switching the SIM cards to make sure that this is not a device issue and if the issue persists our customer care team are available to offer account specific advice available daily from 8am – 8pm.

That could be your problem - Smarty MOBILE is a value for money mobile phone service. Section 5.15 of the Smarty Mobile terms and conditions warns against using Smarty Mobile as a replacement for fixed line broadband, which the service was never designed to be. Looks to me as if you have hammered the data and you are being throttled, to preserve bandwidth for other users.

Time to pony up for fixed line broadband !

Bit difficult to have a fixed line in a caravan, it's what we use on our holidays to be able to use our smart TV, if this is the case I'll be better elsewhere, I can understand throttling back but the the extreme that it's only running at 90bps not even mbps

Surely with a data only plan they know it's going to be used in a portable modem so several devices may be connected to that modem which then bumps the usage up, not truly unlimited then is it if after only a week they throttle the speed back, I've looked online and it says they are having problems in the Newquay area and will be fixed asap, but still the same after 5 days of snail speed speed keeps fluctuating on our other devices 4g too 

@JamesWa_2265565  There's no suggestion that they are actually limiting you. The issue is that mobile data does not always provide such a steady signal - sometimes due to congestion, sometimes due to work on masts. Is the mast issue maybe linked to 3g turnoff?