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Poor Internet

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Less than 1mb per second isn’t acceptable this doesn’t even load web pages smarty support say networks getting maintenance but my partners on three smarty’s sister network and she gets 30 to 50 megabits just moved from o2 but will be moving back shortly as this network is unusable it’s advertise as unlimited yeah it’s unlimited but it’s impossible to use 


SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Hey  Matthew_2468519 

There are a few reason why this may be happening I recommend checking out our troubleshooting page this may help 

SMARTY Trendsetter
SMARTY Trendsetter

Curious to know what happens with your partner's Three UK SIM card in your handset @Matthew_2468519

Does the mobile data connection improve? 



Same issue, incredibly slow in the city, and Smarty Three say they are doing maintenance until late April 2024, I get top speed of 0.13 mbs down 0.19 up, and this is FASTER than Vodafone who can't even load speed test let alone mobile ggl, and voda say NOTHING IS WRONG with their network,yet everyone in my street can't get signal on both networks... i wonder if Three have damaged voda and they are too stupid to physically check, cant even make a phone call indoors on voda, barely can on smarty.


Its just useless, i regret joining, i was on Three for 8 years from the start with slow data and still its slow. Cant trust you anymore.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Been with SMARTY less than 1 week and I'm off. Internet outside is sooo slow or fails to load at all.

@Elizabe_2761710  When you checked before signing up, did it suggest a good coverage?