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APN settings EU Roaming disappear

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I joined Smarty last year and altered APN settings to as instructed and they worked fine on my iPhone 

however I am going on holiday and checked the settings again and they had reverted back to my previous provider three for no reason so had to change them again

Has anyone else had this issue or explain why this would happen and how to avoid it randomly changing APN settings again 



@Michael_2249385  I don't think it matters if the phone states 'Three' as Smarty runs on that network. The crucial point is to have APN set to

I was originally with three network and moved to Smarty last year as three had ended free EU roaming. I changed the settings to mob.asm. net then.

However, when I checked before I left the UK last week the APN settings had reverted to the original three settings, so I had to change them again to

I am not sure if both are ok or there’s a glitch on the system because I was originally with 3. I was pointing out this happened and asking if it makes a difference if you’re a former three subscriber 

@Michael_2249385 But does the APN for mobile data still say That's what counts.