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£6 for 1GB Package for long time - I find out today that the £6 offers 5GB?

SMARTY Enquirer
SMARTY Enquirer


Mostly a gripe post really as the live chat support is an absolute joke and completely ignored the simple questions that I was asking so thought I'd post here.

Have been a fan of SMARTY for a few years now but disappointed to find out today that they have upgraded the data allowance on the £6 from 1GB to 5GB without so much as a word to existing customers?  Not sure if its a very recent change as I can't find much info about it?

Maybe there was an email I missed?  I checked but couldn't see it.  I couldn't find anything on the site - I rarely check because I pay automatically each month.

I appreciate its a cheap service but surely one would expect if its the same price and they discontinue the package, you'd be upgraded/switched to the new package?  Or at the very least a quick SMS or Email letting existing customers know that the package you're paying for had changed?

I don't use mobile data too often but 2/3 times I've run out of it whilst out and about and I've resorted to buying their data bolt-on to give me some more.  This wouldn't have happened had I had that 5GB.



SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Hi @Tomma0 

This £6 plan is for our 1GB data-discount plan, the new promotion we have introduced is for 5GB of data without any refund being given for unused data. 

We can change you to this plan if you wish but you will no longer receive a refund for any unused data for the month. If you wish to be changed to this plan, you can either do it on the app or request it to be changed by one of our advisors on webchat by visiting this link -

I hope this helps!😊


@Tomma0  As @JodieC  says, the 1GB for £6 was a different type of plan - a data discount plan - and you should have received back a refund of unused data within that plan at the end of each month.

There was no way Smarty would change you automatically because it may well be that you wanted exactly that plan for some good reason.