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4-5 days of "disruption" fixing an issue

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

For the last 4-5 days I've had practically zero stability on my connection to 3/smarty in manchester, network checker keeps saying you are working on fixing this issue and are sorry for any disruption and I'm not a fan of complaining because life happens but I am paying for a service.

Is there an ETA on when this problem will be resolved?
Is there anything i can do to have a more enjoyable/stable experience on my device during this time?

I have reset all my network settings, restarted device, manually tried forcing 4g connection over 3g amongst multiple over "common solutions"
Forcing 4g only works for mobile data but completely cuts off all mobile communication, zero calls or text come through people just get told "I'm on another line" (EDIT: I have no option to enable VOLTE)
Letting the phone swap between 3g/4g gives me approximately 3 seconds of mobile data on 4g before dropping to less than 1 bar signal on 3g which gives me stuttering internet and terrible stability on calls (I can practically lick the mobile tower if I wanted to so distance isn't an issue)

I need some form of stability here as this service is literally all I have available to me, I appreciate any assistance that can be offered or just further information so I know what's happening and am not left guessing when I will be able to resume normal service.
Kind regards


SMARTY Commentator
SMARTY Commentator

This is the Smarty community forum, populated by Smarty customers like you and I.

For a definitive answer, contact Smarty via webchat. 


I agree with you Jack Tann

Would it really be too difficult for SMARTY to give a (text) heads up when they KNOW certain catchment areas have problems, and an ETA of fixing

The real irony here is I'm having to use a friends GIF FGAFF , to investigate problems on my SMARTY account

Also my comment above has apparently earned me a Helped Out Level One Badge on the SMARTY Community

Ill wear my Level One SMARTY Badge with pride as I migrate my account to GIFF GAFF

Hope that gets me a Level 2 SMARTY Badge