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Get to know the Community

SMARTY Community Manager SMARTY Community Manager
SMARTY Community Manager

Your guide to the Community

SMARTY Community is the place to hang out for answers, pick up handy hacks and share your stories - good and bad.

If you are a SMARTY customer, you can register with community. If you are not a SMARTY customer, you can still browse, search for information, and read threads however, you won’t be able to engage in community. For instance, giving likes, voting on ideas, interacting with other Community members or customization preferences. To do so, you will first need to become a customer of SMARTY. You can do so at


Finding your way around.

Boards: Listed at the top of each page in the community, members can pose questions and reply on all our boards.

SMARTY Chat: Our community team often post hot topics and conversation starters to hear what our members think. Whatever your thoughts or reactions, it’s fun diving in.

Profile: Your page, your place, your face… or avatar. Check what badges and Kudos you’ve been awarded and control your account preferences.


Joining In

Keyword search: If you’ve got a question, type a few key words in the search bar first and check the results - the answer may already be out there…

New Posts: If you can’t find the subject you’re looking for ‘start a conversation’ and post a new thread.

Top tip for new posts – be as specific as you can, that way you’ll get the best answers. Avoid things like ‘SOS’ which works better when you’re shipwrecked.

Make friends with filters for your posts, which help alert community members to things they can (or can’t) help with. Always use at least one filter.

It sounds obvious, but keep your private life private and don’t share sensitive information.

Top tip; Don’t repeat your question on different boards - and be patient, give the community time to see and react to your post.

Replying: Don’t be shy if you know the answer, get involved. Click ‘reply’ or type into the quick reply box to leave a comment. Some threads are long so if it’s easier, click the speech marks on the toolbar to quote the original message.

Reporting: Seen an offensive post? Don’t rise to it, report it to a moderator and we’ll take it from there.

Kudos and Accepted Solutions; If you spot a post you appreciate you can award ‘Kudos’ points to the poster. If a reply solves your query you can then select ‘Accept as Solution’ to help anyone else find the right answer – it makes your post more valuable to.

When you click on a member’s profile you’ll see how much Kudos they’ve given and been awarded, and any Accepted Solutions. Check who’s got the most Kudos the best answers on our leader boards.

Member’s suggestions are their personal opinions and experiences, so they may differ to your own. Sometimes there’s more than one right answer too, however our moderators sense check replies as much as possible. Just exercise good judgement and ask if you’re not sure.

Offers and technical info is often updated so the answers our Moderators publish may be subject to change over time.

Not sure about something? Just ask our community team.

The FAQ is always a good place to start if you’re new to the community. Also, grab a cuppa and read the House Rules which help keep the community a safe space.