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[Prize Draw] Let us know about your favourite bargain

SMARTY Community Manager SMARTY Community Manager
SMARTY Community Manager



We are delighted to announce the winners of SMARTY Community Anniversary Prize Draw🎉🥁🏆

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Congratulations to our lucky winners! Please check your Community Private Messages inbox for further info.

Thanks to everyone who participated, we have received some wonderful entries! Better luck next time🍀



The competition is now closed and we will draw the winner from all the eligible entries in the next 24 hours. So, keep your fingers crossed and an eye on your Private Message inbox.

Thanks to everyone who contributed some brilliant entries. We had over two thousand posts ! Keep up the great work everyone; the SMARTY Community belongs to us all and succeeds because of your great contributions.

Cut yourself a slice of cake and stick on a party hat, because we're celebrating one whole year of the SMARTY Community 🎉

If this is news for you - where have you been? The Community is the fount of SMARTY knowledge, where anyone can ask, and answer, any question that pops up.

To celebrate an amazing first year, we are giving you the chance to win one of 15 £100 Amazon vouchers.

How can I enter?

Simply log in to the SMARTY Community platform and answer one or more of the questions in the "Let us know about your favourite bargain" article, before the draw closes on the 21st of January 2024.

  • What was the best bargain you've ever found?
  • What was the best bargain you've bagged this year?
  • What is your number one tip for getting a bargain?

The Draw

There are 15 £100 Amazon vouchers up for grabs, that we'll draw using a Random Number Generator, so get your entry in now.

If you are not already part of the Community, fear not - signing up takes seconds once you are there.

 Competition terms can be found here.

Best of Luck.


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SMARTY Enquirer
SMARTY Enquirer

I like the fact that there's a discount for members in a linked group.


I've recommended a few friends now as they like the discounts plus the savings they've made from the other contracts they had.. Wouldn't go to any other now. 

How do you get that?


Yes please

My best bargain for 2023 was getting my smarty sim it's so cheap and has an excellent signal wherever l go,well done smarty!

I was over the moon with mine I added my great granddaughter so we can chat whenever. Plus now 3 friends have joined smarty.. Bonus amazon vouchers to boost. Bargain best choice I've made. 

Honestly best provider ive been with. Plus as you say best bargain is getting a smarty sim there all very well priced and of course you can leave at any time. No strings attached.


My best bargain for 2023 was getting my smarty sim , its so cheap and the signal is so strong wherever l go , thanks smarty!

Smarty has saved me and my family literally hundreds of pounds since we all switched. Vodafone was bleeding us dry.

Same for me, its saved me loads changing to a Smarty sim, much cheaper than EE

Yep....and your still on the same Vodafone network with SMARTY for a fraction of their rates.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

It's been convenient getting all family on smarty and the savings have added up.

The best bargain I found and took was my plan of 30 gb monthly for £10 which has turned in 60 gb for the same price

Wow that's amazing. I'm on unlimited. As I'm constantly out. I would recommend anyone to switch. EE was twice more than I'm paying for 2 sims. Go you. 

My favourite is the 16Gb data with unlimited calls and text, just for £8

Best bargain I’ve found is Smarty SIM card for £10 month. 30gb then went up to 60GB. Total bargain 

I like how helpful smarty staff are 


Best discounts 

I once went to a Samual Windsor factory shop in Skelmersdale and bagged a smart Winter woolen overcoat for £30, reduced from £140!

The most competitive offer for me is the option to gather few mobiles numbers in one group. Money saving. Also my plan which is £16 per month unlimited data. Definitively the best.



I love it and I am happy with it it good as I have got my sis and my brother law on it as well 

Best part is how good the prices are from this network provider,comparing to others they are better and more value  for money,

And giving data back you don't use is a bonus. 

count me in

voucher from wife for transfering accout


I'm currently on 40gb for £10 used to be 50gb for £10 but still a bargain in 2023 

It's a great deal

Smarty best bargain saves £20 over Vodafone

I too am saving money even tho I've added my great granddaughter to my family plan. Can't beat it. 

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

It's the best simcard ever 

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

What was the best bargain you've ever found? - I remember finding a beautiful handbag in a sale years ago, it had been reduced from £120 to £20. I didn’t think it was right so I asked at the till and she said it was right. Snapped that up straight away! 

What was the best bargain you've bagged this year? - I managed to get some good deals on my Nintendo Switch whilst the sales were on, I bought a game called Bee Simulator for a laugh, but it has turned out to “bee” quite fun! 

What is your number one tip for getting a bargain? - Take the time to shop around to find something that suits you for your budget, don’t compromise on something just because there’s added extras. It’s worth that little bit of time and effort to look around, because you’ll almost definitely find a bargain. 

The best price bargain has to be the one with £8 for 16 GB, that's insane, I can go a whole month using that plan and still have left over. Amazing, I have also referred a friend they joined too, because its so cheap and worth it.

Sell my old camera 9 years after at the same prize I spent to buying it.

Buy a powerful new laptop model from a previous owner who think that it has hardware problems (and it was a simply driver issue)


Mine was travelling from the uk to France by bus for less than 70. Plus it was only 20mins away from my destination instead of 90mins.


Charge bargaining 


1. The best bargain I have ever had was a trip with all inclusive for 2 to Egypt at the price of one. 

2. The best one were some tickets to Paris to go with my girlfriend. 

3. Research, research and research. 

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Using Smarty for my mobile was a pretty good move.