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[Open Discussion] Will you keep using streaming services if you can no longer share an account?

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SMARTY Moderator


For a while, I’ve had a good collection of streaming services to choose from if I’m wanting to watch something. I have accounts on Netflix, Prime Video, NOW and Disney+. As I’ve shared many of these with family and friends over the years, I’ve been able to enjoy all these services have to offer at a reasonably low cost, given myself and those I’ve shared the accounts with have divided the costs between us.

Unfortunately, it looks like that might not be an option for much longer now that Netflix has started to put measures in place to prevent account sharing. Although they’re not in use in the UK yet, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before they’re in effect here too.

I’m a big fan of TV & film and like to watch things in the best possible quality. But as I live on my own, if I will soon have to get a Netflix account of my own, my monthly spend on the service will suddenly become a lot larger if I want to keep doing so on the platform. We all know that costs for lots of things are only going up at the moment and so I’m not sure that I would continue to use Netflix (at least not at its highest tier) if I had to create a new account. I’m fine with keeping my other accounts for now, as most of these offer their highest quality service on a single plan and so far don’t appear to be cracking down on account sharing with as much urgency as Netflix. My NOW and Disney+ subscriptions certainly won’t be going anywhere with The Last of Us currently ongoing and a new season of The Mandalorian starting next week!

Are you using streaming services at the moment and, if so, have you got any recommendations for what to watch on them? Would you stay subscribed if sharing an account was no longer an option?


SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

I got rid of Netflix and use Tubi as a replacement on my fire tv. Tubi is awesome, it’s free and has most of the content that Netflix had (minus me original content - obviously). 

Prime video, I was never a fan! Almost everything that I searched out required an additional one off payment to watch.


SMARTY Observer
SMARTY Observer

Taip zinoma kat visomet naudosiu 

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I always thought it wasn't legal to share login details anyway, so it's no surprise the various companies are clamping down on it now. I guess they're feeling the economic squeeze same as everyone else.

I tend to only have one service active at any one time. Keep an eye on what each platform is showing, make a list and watch the content over the month, and then move onto the next platform's list, cancelling each one when you've watched what you wanted to.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I currently only subscribe to Netflix and Prime and I regularly sign in on different devices when I'm away from home. I would need to rethink using Netflix if they change the sharing settings - I use it at both my grown up children's houses currently. They don't use it much, but I like being able to watch it wherever I go. I know that we would defintely not pay for 3 separate accounts-I'm happy to read and Internet surf in the evening after work if it becomes too expensive. 


Me & My Dad have had an amazing arrangement for the last few year. I get his Netflix and he has my Disney +

It's been great while it's lasted.... My only concern now is that Netflix have built a great understanding of what sort of show I like and having to start that algorithm from fresh again is going to be a bit of a nightmare

SMARTY Teamster
SMARTY Teamster

I had a prob recently, we where going away for a week and wanted to download something to watch, cept I turned on the tablet and found I couldn't download due this now caveat, very bad decision.

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Personally I only use streaming services for myself (I don't share my accounts) so this change doesn't matter for myself personally, however I still find it an inconvenience for many people who do share their subscriptions and it's a shame the option is being (or has been) removed from us.

My main streaming service is Disney+, which I am not paying for until August 2024. I am currently on 3 months "free" Premium until May, then I will be on 3 months "free" Standard With Ads ("free", but redeemed using Tesco Clubcard vouchers)

I have had two separate months of Netflix recently, Standard With Ads each time. I don't mind the ads and they're nowhere near as bad as YouTube 😂 - I understand they're not for everyone, but for me it is a cheaper way to do it. For services like Netflix and Paramount+, I don't use those frequently so I only subscribe to those now and then when there's something specific I want to watch - and usually only for one month