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Unusual high amount of calls from businesses

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi everyone

I've been getting more than a few nuisance calls lately since I switched to Smarty. I don't know if it's just coincidence, and it probably is nothing to do with the switch, as I am using the same number I was using with my previous network.

My latest call is from "Manor Farm House" - 01747 811974 and when I answered it, a man said "I've just walked through your door Mr (my surname) and there's no one here, so (swear word I don't think I can say on here) off"... this immediately panicked me as I was home alone at the time and the call happened literally a few seconds after I entered my house. I have no idea how they know my phone number, I can only guess they know my surname from online profiles

Another call I had was from "Robert Bowring Butchers Bolsover" - 01246 824238... strangely I got this call at 17:36 yesterday and according to Google, this butchers shop I've never heard of or visited closed at 3pm yesterday so they wouldn't be open at 17:36. Unless it was a spoofed number or this butchers shop isn't a genuine butchers??

I also had a call from "O2" which was a private number. For this one I was bored anyway so went through with them giving false details, logic being the more of their time I waste, someone else more vulnerable than me isn't being scammed in that few minutes. I made up names and address etc when asked for them, and once they asked for my postcode I said "my postcode is 'I know you are a scammer'" and they told me to (swear word I don't think I can say on here) off...

I usually use Google Pixel Call Screen for these calls, but I am waiting for a phone call from something I've applied to and I don't know the number it will be coming from. Usually I don't get so many, has anyone else had an influx in nuisance calls lately?!

I am aware the easiest solution would be to get a new phone number, but I've had this one for years and it's linked to so many services it would be more effort than it's worth to change it

Thanks in advance for any help!


SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

Unlikely to be anything to do with Smarty.

I have had a few calls recently, which pretended to be from EE and O2.

As for other businesses, not in my case fortunately. If I were you, I would look them up online, and if they look like legitimate businesses, ring them and let them know that someone is trying to impersonate them, causing damage to their business. 

Thanks - I don't think it's anything to do with Smarty to be honest, probably just a coincidence that it's happening since I switched to Smarty

I did actually call the Manor Farm House number back from the same number I found through Google on their website (as it is apparently a hotel business I was going to politely tell them someone is impersonating their number) but I received some abusive swears, so I'm quite scared to do that with other legitimate businesses if it continues