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Unable to make or receive calls since 3G Switch off

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I only use my work phone for calls, text message and WhatsApp. I can still text but can no longer access my voicemail, make or receive calls when I am at home. I work from home, so it's an issue. It only works in my garden! I assume it's due to the 3G switch off. I checked my phone and it's compatible with 4G and has wi-fi calling. My phone is 7+ years so I am happy to purchase a new phone but don't want to spend a lot since I only use it for calls/text/WhatsApp. How do I tell if a phone is 4GVoLTE and SMARTY compatible? Has anyone purchased a phone recently in a 3G switch off area who can help please? I'm looking on Argos website. Thank you. 



Hi @Lin-LinL_493349 👋

If your device has WiFi Calling then it will be VoLTE compatible.
I had the exact same issue when 3G was turned off in the Midlands. With some research I discovered that it is a firmware issue that CAN be sorted out and you will then have a fully functional phone.
I have done a post with regards to this issue:-

It really is worth doing if you don't want to fork out the money for a new phone. Even if you can afford to replace your device it is worth trying this before hand as you have nothing to lose.
If you have any questions with regards to this then ask away as I am happy to help! x