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Smarty for Android

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer


@NigelPa_2212053  So what information did you need? Quite difficult to guess from your very short description.

Yes, there is one from the usual source for android apps.

I was referring to the fact that I continue to be signed out of the app despite indicating that I trust my device. I was asking if it's normal

@NigelPa_2212053 I'm not being funny here, but there was no text in your post and so nobody would have known that.

There have been a considerable number of posts about exactly that issue recently. A quick search will bring up any number and it is linked to security. Companies that hold your personal data (e.g. name, email, payment history, call/text/data history etc), are required to comply with GDPR and many of them are reinforcing their apps and websites with two factor verification and not allowing you to stay signed in if there is no detected activity. Santander, as an example, will log you out after a couple of minutes with no activity.

Thanks for your help. Yes, my very first post was blank due to a fat finger press!

@NigelPa_2212053   👍