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Roaming suddenly not working

SMARTY Commentator
SMARTY Commentator

Hello everyone

I hope you can help. It seems a very obvious problem but I can't get around it.

A week ago smarty informed us to make a simple change (if necessary) in order to remain roaming in the EU. It turns out I didn't need to make the change. My apn data was identical to the new data.

I'm currently in Spain using WiFi as my roaming just suddenly wouldn't work (despite occasional text or data sneaking through). After checking the settings dozens of times, I deleted the apn and tried to start from scratch. 

Now nothing works.

Any advice would be helpful as I'm flying back to the UK in a few days then flying to Greece in May. 

Thanks in advance




@Xyrox  It my be that there is a problem with the local mast.

APN definitely needs to be

I would turn off Automatic Network and go to Manual then try each that you see in turn. In Spain, commonly Movistar is the popular one.

Data - is there any chance that you have used 12Gb while roaming? That's the limit. Also bear in mind that you cannot roam in EU for more than 60 days.

Not sure if this all helps.


SMARTY Commentator
SMARTY Commentator

Thanks for your quick reply! 

After resetting a few times, I managed to reset to default and is if by magic, it started working! 

Exactly the same settings as before! Hopefully it won't happen again 😊

@Xyrox  Glad all is well and thanks for letting us know. This sort of information can be very useful to members.