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Possible split port issue

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Hi, it's been several weeks since porting to smarty.

My signal has not been great but I've discovered I'm not getting landline calls at all.

Customer service keep going in circles with the technical team who are saying no timestamps for the landline calls I claim are not going through? Then they seem to forget what the actual issue is.

I raised a complaint about 5 weeks ago and they just refer me back to cs. I really dont want the agro of sending this to the ombudsman if possible. I am a carer for 2 people and its important I keep this number to maintain contact with many health care providers who I have probably missed calls from already.

Before porting I was having issue with ee who I was only with for a couple of weeks because the issue must have been present then. So I think I am the victim of a split port when I ported to ee from idmobile. Ee cs did not identify an issue and stated I must by a more modern phone? The issue exists on the 3 phones I tried so I believe the problem is my number. I thought porting again would resolve it but obviously not and cannot think that it is anything but a split port.

The app states my number has not ported although cs and technical team claim it has. Also the zero is missing when displaying my number on the app.



SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I had the same issue but I could not get calls or texts from EE numbers. 
I had to cancel the sim all together as smarty were just utterly useless in resolving the issue. 

SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

If you had a split port with EE and ported out to any network other than the network that was originally assigned the number, then you have made things more complicated. SMARTY can only deal with EE with regards to your split port issue, but EE won’t have all the files, or if they do, those files (or some of them) will be corrupt.

the best thing you can do is port the number back to the network that OFCOM assigned the number to. This will fix the split port issue.