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No Internet

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Every weekend and school holidays we lose our Internet.

Called smarty they say mast in our area overcrowded. So suck it up or go to different supplier.

Great customer service.

Why not please some of your customers and upgrade the mast !!.



@Stephen_2141759  There's a very simple answer to that.......they don't own the mast!

Also, they (the bean-counters) would need to balance the cost of upgrade against the possible loss of business.

I know they don't  own the mast.

But I live in a rural setting of my own choice and never had this problem in the last 3 years of living here.

But smarty know the mast is overcrowded and when I signed up to them they never told me about mast having problems.

Still take my money every month.

@Stephen_2141759  As you know they don't own the mast, then what do you expect them to do?

As you say, there is not always congestion so how can they know exactly when it will be busy and still , what could they do about it? It's not like they can have an extra mast turned on at times.

The coverage checker can only tell you if there is a reasonable level of signal normally available. It cannot accurately predict when and if it will be busy in that area .

It may well end up that you need to change to a network that can offer a service that better suits your needs and is not congested at times - perhaps your previous provider? 

Are you using Smarty Mobile as a replacement for fixed line broadband ? If so, that is against Section 5.15 of Smarty's terms and conditions.

Add in to the mix that you live in a rural area, then you have 2 choices :

1, Pony up the cash for fixed line broadband

2, Switch to a different network 

Either option 1 or Option 2 will of course help reduce the congestion on your nearest mast, you would be part of the solution, not part of the problem then. 

Thanks for help lol

It won't  help changing supplier at the moment as the mast is overcrowded. 

My point is all suppliers who use the mast know its problem but nobody is doing anything about it.

I live on a caravan park and unable to get a fixed line as owners of park won't  allow.

Oh, so you didnt give us the full story !

Surely you know that different networks use different masts ? Thsts why you get different levels of coverage on different networks in the same place ! 

You live on a caravan park ? Those caravans are acting as a 'faraday cage' and reducing the coverqge / signal you are receiving.

This isnt a Smarty issue, its a "user without a clue" issue who has no idea that his dwelling is in large part responsible for the poor signal he is receiving, compounded as it is by the probable rural location of the caravan park. At a guess, a lot of your fellow caravan park residents are also using Smarty, hence the mast being overcrowded ? 

Your best bet is to check the coverage offered by other networks and switch. You probably also need to put an aerial on the roof of your caravan, whatever network your choose, to boost signal quality - There waa a thread about this recently.


User without a clue?

I have an external  aerial to bring in signal.

So this clueless wonder has tried.

I am allowed to use sim on mobile wifi device at home I am not in breach of contract

Read section 5.15 of the Smarty terms and conditions 


That is for data only plans.

I use a different plan

@Stephen_2141759  Smarty T&C's make it clear that mobile data is not a replacement for broadband as the signal is not as reliable.

No, its all plans !

You really have no idea !

You're living on a rural caravan park, whose owners dont permit their residents to use fixed line broadband, and you wonder wby you lose your internet connectivity at weekends abd during school holidays, which are no doubt, tines when the caravan park experiences an influx of visitors....Visitors who cant use fixed line broadband ! 

You dont have to be Poirot or Marple to work out the issue ! Given your rural location and owner imposed infrastructure restrictions regarding fixed line broadband, the fact that you expecting a mobile phone service to run as a replacement for fixed line broadband is absolutely bonkers, its completely ridiculous ! 

Which services do your neighbours use ? It would be worth finding out and switching, as Smarty mobile is unlikely to provide the service you are expecting. 

At a guess, the owners of the caravan park on which you reside have been quoted a hefty sum for the installation of fixed line broadband, dhe to the rural location ?