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lack of funds for autorenewal

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

I’m a smarty customer and I have a friend also on smarty. Unfortunately he didn’t have funds in his account so the payment didn’t go through to renew this month. He now has no data and can’t make calls. However, he put money in his account this morning, but payment is still not going through. Is that because it’s a Sunday? how long will it take?


SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

hey, I appreciate your concern on behalf of your friend, if there is money their bank account he can make a payment here is a guide to help but to help them directly we will need to speak to them here is where they can contact our chat team available daily from 8am – 8pm.

SMARTY Superhero
SMARTY Superhero

@HannahF It is as @Rebekah_150 says but also, Smarty will not keep trying to take the money because they will have no idea when a customer will have funds.

They would leave this account without a Smarty plan but , for information, the system would send him an email after 180 days of inactivity and give him 40 days to buy a plan before the sim is deactivated.