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Issues with network

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Good Afternoon 

I appear to have an issue with my mobile an Iphone 12 recieving SMARTY. As far as I know, it was working yesterday in locations Leeds LS2 7JU and  Leeds LS10 1BG as well as travelling home to S63 0JA. 

I have tried to reset the network settings 
I have tried to remove it from the network and still nothing.  I have today traveled both to Leeds again LS16 6SX and the network coverage is sporadic and only connecting to Data Services (3G).

I have checked the network coverage and no issues are known.

My question is I have a spare unactivated Sim card that I have from when I joined Smarty. Would I be able to use that to transfer to my number? or would that sim card because it is unused for such a long period of time would it be unusable?



@ShaunMa_1953642 There's a network issue. Please see Network Status Checker page and other posts on this forum.

Hiya  do you have a link for this I'm in Essex ss8 7tj and had nothing for the past 3 days ( With a autistic child you can imagine the hell it's causing ) I have sent a message but noone is responding 

@Stephen_1170561 at bottom of page, among other things, you'll see a link to Network Status checker.

Nobody is responding probably because they have put messages on this forum - pinned to the top - and also a header on the Network Status checker page. Judging by the number of people who have still posted without checking, it would be impossible to respond.